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love is something you give someone to

love is caring for that person or animal or anything no matter what

Love is putting someone else needs before your own

love is doing anything for them no matter what

Love is the best thing it the entire world
Love is stronger than anything one this planet

Love is what makes us who we are

Love makes us who we want to become

Love makes me want to become a better person
Love wants me to become a better person

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Austin is a nice guy he is a jerk/jock I am really sad to see my best friend move I really am going to miss you
Austin your my BFF

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the urban dictionary sucks they post anything bad on this site but they do not post anything good

How many times have you wrote something amazing and tried to publish it on this site ?
How many times have they rejected it ?
Do you feel like what you wrote was not amazing

this site post things like she is a whore but they won't publish your amazing thoughts
The urban dictionary sucks

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