A silent fart released whilst in bed with your partner, that you were hoping wouldn't smell, but does. By calling it a 'love puff', you hope to maintain some level of cuteness and overcome the curse of the bad smell that threatens to ruin an otherwise romantic moment.
'Oh, whoopsy! I did a little love puff!'
by megatea November 9, 2006
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To place your bum against any part of your loved one and fart. The fart must be directly on them to qualify.
"Uh oh"... (person farts on the other) "hee hee hee I love puffed you."
by Salie April 2, 2008
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I was so embarrased the other night, I did a huge love puff during sex!!
by ashers May 4, 2004
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During the act of anal, the woman farts down the males shaft.
she gave me a love puff, i'll be farting bubbles for weeks.
by blounty9 November 7, 2014
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What girls call farts if they do them and it's therefore funny. When you do them it's disgusting and not funny!
by El Scroto September 4, 2003
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the term 'puff' can be added before a word for fun if you are bored and have nothing better to do. love puff was the original term, but over time more and more phrases have come into common knowledge. a love puff is a close friend to you.
examples of the use of puff: funny puff, love puff, silly puff.
by shed-hed March 20, 2007
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someone gorgeous, of either sex
Jose-Antonio is a total love puff
by Sparki October 7, 2003
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