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The fart of a pretty girl . Believe or sleep out, it is sexy. It is better if she had a fleshy butt, so the fart will sound beautiful. Now there was a girl with tight jeans and she was waiting hard crossing her legs. There was a teacher around, and even she heard that beautiful fart!
Now the reason she farted- She was chewing a gum and she wanted to blaw it out, but that missy blew out her asshole.
>>>>>I'm sorry. I farted.
>>>it is ok babe, it is a sexy fart.
by yehanfourty March 16, 2006
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When semen is injected into a persons vagina or asshole, and it is farted back out. Also see pussy fart, and cum fart,cream pie, etc..
My boyfriend came inside my ass and i couldnt help but fart it out, he thought it was so sexy, that he comes inside me everytime now and makes me fart it out. He loves my Sexy Fart.
by THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH January 26, 2008
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