Sport Club Corinthians Paulista was founded in 1910, their fans are called Faithful, currently the second largest crowd of Brazil, one of the most successful football teams, its huge collection of honours includes the first world club championship, and together with Flamengo has seven national titles (the biggest champions), besides being the greatest champion of sao paulo state, with 26 Paulistas Championships and 5 Rio-Sao Paulo Tournament. Possibly the best known Brazilian team abroad.
by Spoon Killer December 16, 2009
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Corinthian is usually a smart and religious boy. He always has friends to back him up whenever he needs them. He's always so full of energy and nothing can break his spirit. He sometimes shows no feelings and can be nonchalant at times, but that's what some people love most about him. And even though he can never respond to a text, he always responds to a friend face to face. Overall, Corinthian is a loveable boy that no one can resist and is friends with everyone.
Corinthian is such a good friend
by Reyna Marie April 12, 2019
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The absolute stupidest person in all of World of Warcraft. More of a forum troll that uses big words than anything else. Suspected to have an IQ of about 10. When he speaks, many of the more intelligent residents of his realm bash him endlessly as he tries to make intelligent comebacks, but fails miserably by repeating himself.
<Player 1> Man, that Corinthian guy doesn't know how to insult on the forums.
<The Corinthian> Whats wrong jackass? Buttsore lololol.
by Finaladvent March 14, 2007
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Of very shoddy worksmanship, but is called Corinthian to make it sound very impressive.
My car came with Corinthian leather seats, so they marked up the price.
by Graham April 19, 2005
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Backround actor for the movie a bugs life
Oh corinthian yea hes that 2 foot dude
by Thatmdude October 21, 2020
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Used in place of the n word, a black dude, a term in the bible referring to a christian that doesn't act or live like it
Instead of what's up my nig**, you say, what's up my Corinthian?
by intfem3425 March 4, 2010
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An ancient, but modernly practiced, sex act first discovered by the Corinthians who were part of a large city-state, such as Sparta. Except they were a not "war-lovers" but were Greek "ass-lovers". The Corinthian Fountain occurs after a serious anal ass pounding the recipient forces out a massive load of liquid shit and semen. The goal of the Corinthian Fountain is to spray the load as high as possible into the air before it splashes down again on the exterior of the buttocks. The higher the spray, the more gratification received.
Gary invited Donna to his dorm room to study for their Greek history test but instead wound up pounding her anal orifice for over an hour. She later blew a three foot Corinthian Fountain all over her ass. Gary was extremely satisfied.
by Eaton Holgoode June 8, 2009
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