"tun" stands for thank u, next after the iconic song "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande
At 2:17 in the music video of thank u, next you see tun written on cheerleader dresses.
by 7 Rings Lover January 20, 2019
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gotta air that tun out
by tina desjarlais February 12, 2005
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vagina,female genitalia.Commonly used in Trinidad.
pronunciation aid:the "u's" sound like the "u" in bush
Jenny has the nicest tun tun I have ever seen.
by coldsex August 25, 2008
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Noun; The trinidadian slang for the female genitalia (Vagina)
Can be used in ways that the word "pussy/cunt" is usually used
"Don't be a tun tun" - Don't behave like a cunt
"Look at that tun tun over so" - Look at that pussy/cunt across the street
"She has a fat tun tun" - She has a fat vagina
by ShortMokoJumbie January 10, 2023
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Tun tuns is another word for vagina, pussy or punani.
“I went round this girls house last night and she gave up the tun tuns”.
by Briz99 May 9, 2020
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To turn a once beautiful digital service, platform or app into something that resembles King Kong's arse.
"OMG they totally tunned that website. It used to be great!"
by bleepbloopcomputer June 30, 2014
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