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A ladies-man that frequents night spots where drinks are served. May be part of the live music set, but usually the lizard is at the bar chatting up rich women. Most often seen in a suit that was a fashion statement in the 80s.
I was a venture capitalist by day and a lounge lizard by night, before I settled down with one of my conquests.

Leisure Suit Larry is a computer game lounge lizard.
by jGNE man November 14, 2004
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noun: A older than middle age regular bar slut.
adjective: having the qualities or orginating from a lounge lizard

A drunk woman who hangs out in bars is over 30 and has been tanning soo often that she resembles a dehydrated lizard. She has claw like boney hands that are decorated with rings from lovers she could never get to marry her before they discovered she is psyco and her slured drunken speach patterns are cyclical highs and lows to match her mood as she attempts to entice younger men with goods that have since passed their expiration date. Her shirt is usually open showing off an expensive braw that has been hand washed in motel sinks too many times and stretched skin from too many trips to the plastic surgeon.

Her call of the wild phrase can be heard above the din at bar closing time "What don't you like women?"
"He dude you and that lounge lizard - get a room or I'm gonna heave right here and now.

"Buy me a drink.", exclaims the lounge lizard as she bats here over painted false eye-lashes and one falls off into her drink.

Bar closing time comes and you are looking for you pathetic friend when you find him in the corner with a lounge lizard. She is intoxicated teetering back and forth with her hands stuffed in his front pockets. You pull him away and as you walk past the hords of people leaving the club you exclaim to your buddy "That lounge lizard left your fly open, better check for dentures."

"I was about to score with that chick." brags the young inebriated lad. In response his friend replies, "That lounge lizard is older than you mom's mom, has seen more cocks than a urinal in a football stadium and fumbled more balls than all the receivers in the league."
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
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A playa of the 1920s.
Tom Buchanan, a lounge lizard? Ha! I banged ten times as many hoes as that dumb brute.
by Mel October 10, 2003
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The slippery tongue lounge lizard waited in the cocktail lounge for an old lady to sweet talk, and clean out. Sometimes that calls for being a portable douche.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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A working woman that frequents truck stops. You will often see stickers on 18-wheelers that have a lizard with a red line through it. This means they don't want any hos to come knockin in the middle of the night (read:they're out of speed).
That scragglya$$ lounge lizard was jonesin' so hard she kept makin' the rounds all night long.
by kaichica September 07, 2006
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A lazy, good-for-nothing who lazes about or plays about like a fool. not working, wasting there cash or inheritance until it runs out on Jack squat (usually booze or cheap dates. ) Most lounge lizards have no skills and live off welfare or some kind of assisted living program. (the idea is less work. )

Usually a lounge lizard can be found:

A): lounging in a bar swilling hard Alcohol

B): lounging in a wine room sipping fine wine
C): lounging on there lawn
D): lounging on there couch

E): out spending money they don't rightly have
There's your lounge lizard philosophy on life : swilling gin and reading nudist magazines.
by Theamazinggeek April 09, 2015
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