someone with enough money to gamble $50 million or so by purchasing overvalued companies that seem to offer "the next big thing" but in the end turn out to be just another "flash in the pan".
Bob: I just finished writing a program that takes anyone's picture that you upload to the website, and automatically superimposes it on a naked body with the best match.
Bill: That's pretty perverted, and pointless, I might add.
Bob: I know. But all I need is enough page views to get some venture capitalists salivating and I'll be set for life. They can have all of the headaches when it becomes obvious that no one will pay to use it because everyone already has Photoshop.
by gawthic1 June 26, 2008
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Venture Capitalist (n): Big fucking assholes. AVOID THESE PEOPLE.
Today I was reamed by a Venture Capitalist. I should have known better.
by rocketman1000 July 16, 2009
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being a dope ass investor with stacks like nelk boys and stevewilldoit
that shit was gnarly they were building all those skyscrapers for office space and buying all those companies. What you ain't down for some venture capitalist activities?
by swiggyswaggyfartdoc July 20, 2021
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Why would I be paying for DICE, ORANGE JUICE and CHEESE SALAMI myself when I turn before I pay in MENLO PARK giving up my "BIRTHRIGHTS TO G00GLE ALPHABET" when the VENTURE CAPITALISTS FROM TORONTO is SQUIRT after SHIT ASSH0LE ANAL ALAN for being a POINT MAN at MANDALAY BAY they give me $20 to EAT and disappear immediately into the SUNSET.
by KOMON SECEF ANAL ASSH0LE April 12, 2022