<Gl3n> I am leik teh king
<Tokartta> Oban
<Gedd0n> lorn
by chris t. gaunt August 16, 2003
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Similar to 'lol' but sarcastic and degrading.

Derived from an OAP who made rubbish keyboard music, called Edward lorn.
<rare> I soiled myself!
<CeefBeef> lorn
by Glen J. Pearce August 13, 2003
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An exclamation made when something is funny. Also a town in Scotland.
HAHAHAEAHAH!!! OMG LORN :|:|:|:| ROFL !!!!!!!11oneone
by adam j. sontag June 24, 2003
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Internet slang, meaning Laughing at ridiculous noobs. Use is similair to lol, but used in different situations.
<noob> z0mfg u h4xx0red!!1!
<player> lorn
by Ronald C. Mongler February 13, 2007
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combination of lonely and horny. basically causes one to make quite poor choices.
since my bf left me i been so lornely.
by proper colon May 7, 2010
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- small crappy little spot located in In the Northern region of New Brunswick, where odd people named Lapointe and gagnon like to congregate and shoot off.
- Extreme sarcasm is common within the girl population from up there commonly around the age of eighteen years old.
- Names like Penny and Dale are not uncommon as well and are often backed up by a very pretty lady.
- Lapointe girls are commonly attracted to boys from Mcadam and Miramichi, so watch out.
- booty
Lorne, Gods Country, Ye old shithole, bog
by Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap17 May 10, 2010
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