The best, everything is what hes good at. No matter how hard you try, he is unbeatable. Most attractive person ever.

Hes only good at one thing. Being the best at everything
Oban sure is fantastic.
by Yeye March 13, 2012
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A religion were Obie Wan Kanobi is our main God and Savior. Followed by three minor Gods: Bagel, Egg, and the Baby Sun from Teletubbies. The end will come when Fermi rises and Obie will defeat him. discovered by Chris Donald in 504 BCE
"Are you Obanist? Obanism is the only true religion."

"Yes, Obie is my savior."
by ChrisDonald1972 October 4, 2019
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Oban wankers are people who have difficulty spelling, piss you off easily and hang about in large groups. Even when they try to be nice they still fail as they go about it in a ridiculous way. They may wear chinos on occasion even though they claim chinos are wankers. Some even reach the extent of not knowing how to spoon. You do not have to be from Oban to be an Oban Wanker.
"I dought it, im wearing my chinos"
"your such an Oban Wanker"
by alemk October 5, 2011
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