Don't get The Miramichi and Miramichi city confused. Miramichi City is formerly know as Newcastle, Chatham, Douglastown, etc. The Miramichi is the communities bordering the Miramichi River, like Boisetown, Doaktown and Blackville. It's an area. So if ya run into some lads that ask ya "How she goin" don't forget to say "The very best". And next time you meet someone that says they're from the Mirmichi they don't mean Miramichi City.
Miramichi City is just like the arsehole of the Miramichi, everything we throw in "The Miramichi" dumps into Miramichi City.
by TBAS February 16, 2007
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Where the men are men and so are the women.
Ya know them lads that claim they drink a quart of jack every night? .. Well their wives actually do.

by jaiwnn August 8, 2012
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A large shitstain on the map of New Brunswick.The name originates from an old indian word Miramichi-which means-Shithole.A lot of men come to Miramichi for its rich salmon fishing,but since its been overfished and the salmon are dieing the men just end up leaving with the crabs.The women of Miramichi are specially trained.When the command 5 dollars is spoken the women automatically put their legs behind their heads.This is also one of the must corrupt cities in Canada with lots of coverups and politicians,judges,lawyers and city counsel members who are all robbing the citizens blind.Pedophiles and rapist are one of the major attractions in Miramichi,so if you have kids its a real happening place.If you want to live in a shithole dive where their are so few people that everyone is in everyone elses bussiness.Where the police are corrupt and unless your related or friends with someone you arent treated fairly.Where the lawyers and judges steal from the local hospital and get away with it.Where pedophiles are convicted and set free because of who they are related to.Miramichi is the place for you.
I went to Miramichi and dropped my kids off in chatham.Now my 8 year old boy thinks hes pregnant.Only in miramichi.
by pigswithattitudes February 19, 2018
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(also called m&m's)

Residents of Miramichi who masturbate all the time even when when it causes them trouble. They will never stop, even if the red dragon says so.
Ohhh snap, she's masturbating in class again. She's such a Miramichi masturbator.

Can you please stop masturbating when i'm talking to you? Jeez you're such a m&m
by shanayjohnson44 November 9, 2010
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The best city in central New Brunswick, Canada. Has two sides, Newcastle/Douglas town (the clean side) and Chatham (the dirty side where all the losers live)
There are a few high schools in Miramichi City. Miramichi Valley High School: (the best/clean school) with the mascot of a salmon fish with boxing gloves called the Pulamoo. James M Hill: The dirty chatham side school, losers go here. Their mascot is a dirty green and yellow cat called the Tommies.
NSER: hick school. no one likes them..
Miramichi City is the place to be if you live on the clean side...
by thats right i went there November 19, 2006
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an absolute shit box of a school. where girls piss in the soap dispensers and guys steal them. girls getting pregnant like it's nothing. the teachers don't really give a f*ck about what you do but you still have the odd goody two shoes who actually follows the rules. no one wants to be there but everyone goes there. you'll probably get into a fight at the field and the teachers pretend they don't know about it. but it's still better than Jmh.
boy 1: man my school sucks

boy 2: you definitely go to Miramichi Valley high school!
by local mv student October 21, 2021
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The only place in the world where a quart of liquor is the appetizer to the evenings drunk. Tougher then nails and livers of steel you'll likely want to avoid any conflict with a "Miramichi'er" as they're known to stand their ground.
I went to the Miramichi for the weekend and ordered a drink at the local pub, he brought me the bottle.
by MaritimeSalmon April 3, 2023
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