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high on marijuana... same as stoned, or blazed, or chronic'ed out, high, faded, etc.
"I'm, high till' I die, loped till' they smoke me!"

"Aint' nothing but a G thang baby, two loped out niggas goin' crazy."
Snoop Dogg
by boom boom b July 08, 2004
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when you receive oral from a thotty girl that lies and has a horrible reputation.
Guy: Matty got loped by Christie

Guy: I would never want to be loped by Gina
by Yayayayboo February 25, 2015
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Very strong or having defined muscles. jacked ripped yolked buff
Did you see that guy at the gym? He was loped, looked like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.
via giphy
by Sophia K B September 28, 2018
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