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Made famous by the late Ronnie James Dio of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell and Dio. Dio would often shout at the top of his lungs in parts of a song "Look out!". Best used in context with a loud raspy voice while flashing the horns. Most commonly heard when describing an impending situation or event loosely connected to Heavy Metal.
"Look out" is also a phrase used in tribute to Dio, often yelled by rockers before they down a shot, take a drink or on hearing the opening riff of a Dio song.
*shot glasses poised - "Look out!" - shot drank.

*Black Sabbath's 'Mob rules' opening riff starts - "Look out!"

"Here comes that hot metal chick again, LOOK OUT!"
by Rahtedpumpclart February 27, 2012

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A Cockpiss is an irritating individual who is unaware of their status. Cockpiss's can most frequently be found in bars and pubs, usually standing at the end of the bar making 'friendly banter' with the staff, and attempting to impress anyone who should come within eight feet of them with made up knowledge. The Cockpiss (whichever gender) has an insatiable appetite for attention. A Cockpiss will never back down when it comes to knowledge on any given subject, even if they know nothing about it. A Cockpiss has an uncanny ability to fabricate his or her own life experiences when it comes to scoring points from the subject of his/her focus. Cockpiss's have a tendancy to ridicule you about your 'lack of knowledge' on the subject of the situation, even if everyone else who may be involved knows that you do indeed know more. Cockpiss's are generally harmless, often friendly and possessing more bark than bite. But beware, a Cockpiss loves nothing more than to gossip about their friends/peers/enemies/complete strangers. Never divulge personal information to a Cockpiss, as it won't stay personal for long. A Cockpiss can display involuntary Troll tendancies, should they be indulged and taken seriously. The best defense against a Cockpiss is to nod, smile, and let them talk. They soon get bored and move onto their next victim.
"Your friend is talking shit again, he's never even heard of that band!" "Yeah I know, don't take him too seriously, he's a Cockpiss." "A Cockpiss? Ah, I thought so, but you shoulda told me bro! Haha!"
by rahtedpumpclart January 28, 2012

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Offensive term used to describe an ugly woman with too much makeup. Camel cakes often wear so many layers of makeup, they often end up looking like a man in drag or indeed, a camel covered in cake.

Camel cakes are unaware that with this maybelline mask, their face closely resembles a foot and proceed to act in a prissy and condescending attitude towards other people, mostly males. Camel cakes are known for using ironic phrases like "you wish you were this hot" and "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me". Unsuprisingly, most of the men camel cakes sleep with are blind drunk.
"Yeah she's hot, but her sister, right camel cake."

"Did you see that camel cake John took home last night? Man is he going to be embarrassed!"

"This camel cake grinded against my butt on the dancefloor then had the nerve to flash me a dirty look when I turned around!"
by Rahtedpumpclart February 27, 2012

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An attractive redhead woman. Believed to have been coined by a witty drinker who cleverly observed that a pretty redhead barmaid was pulling a pint of an ale called Red Fox. Unlikely to be confused with late American comedian Red Foxx.
"That girl over there, shes a real Red Fox, I gotta have her."

"Wow, who was that Red Fox I saw you with last night?"
by Rahtedpumpclart February 27, 2012

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A term used by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Richards wouldn't go onstage until he had ritually sank a knife into the crust of a fresh shepherds pie. Should someone dig into his pie, he would become hostile and uncooparative until a new one was sourced.

Now often used in a threatening way to cut short an argument before a fight ensues, akin to saying 'don't piss me off'. Also known to have been used as a warning to encourage an individual to get off of ones case.
"I'm telling you man, i'm pissed off already, don't bust my crust." "Well get off of my cloud then man!"

"Ok i'll do it, geeze woman, don't bust my crust!"

*Mick Jagger on seeing some pie missing - "Do you know the rules? You never, ever, take the shepherd's pie unless Keith's broken the crust first."
by Rahtedpumpclart February 27, 2012

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Made popular by a character of the 1969 film The Italian Job. Now more commonly used to refer to a camp, flamboyantly dressed, suspectedly gay or outwardly homosexual man.
*Gesturing to man in eyeliner - "Looks like Camp Freddie is back in town."

"Your mate's a bit of a Camp Freddie ain't he?" "Oh he's not gay, just as camp as a row of pink tents!"

"He's such a Camp Freddie, that he's the only one who doesn't know that he's a poof."
by Rahtedpumpclart February 27, 2012

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