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this fat chester and his looser friends think they can get along with that arrogant attitude..
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by kelamist January 09, 2012
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Joe: my mom died yesterday

John: bruuhh

Joe: Yo my mom just won million dollars

John: bRuHhh

Joe: my mom made dinner for us
John: bruh
by I eat forks with noodles October 30, 2019
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a child molester or one that likes young girls
You're such a chester.
by nony March 13, 2005
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the sweetest, most amazing, special, wonderful, smart, hilarious, outgoing, charming boy in the whole world.
he always knows just the thing to say to make a girl's heart melt. for her tummy to be filled with little butterflies. to make her feel especially loved. the happiest girl on the face of the earth.

so, in other words?
chester is damn near perfect(:

i love him, swear.
person 1: ohmygoshh! that girl over there is going out with CHESTER.
person 2: damn, she's lucky.
person 1: i knoww.
by onetuffcookie<3 December 17, 2008
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A boy is sweeter than a Hershey bar, smarter than anyone I know, a great listener, a wonderful friend who is ALWAYS supportive, a guy who steals your heart unknowingly and no matter how much you try to deny your love for him, you always end up drowned deeper in passion. Chester is also a boy who has eyes the color of the blue-green sea and sometimes, hazel whose depth is much more intense than that of the open ocean, hair the color of dreamy milk chocolate, skin tone a light bronze with a golden finish, and quirks as endearing as his personality <3
I am in deeply in love with Chester.
by that's unfortunate March 12, 2010
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A word that defines the person who speaks it. If you think it means something perverted, it is because you read porno and have likely been to jail. If you think it means historical people and geographical places, you are intelligent and you will likely be remembered favorably in history also.
Bad examples: Chester the molester was a comic strip in a porno and a nickname for perverts. Good examples: Chester City, Chester River, Chester County, and Chester A. Arthur (a respected president of the United States)
by Wisemama March 30, 2011
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a very good cat name, not over-used and not embarrassing for your cat. also quite good when baby-talking your cat. DO NOT use for a dog, isn't as nice
person A: do you have a cat or dog?

person B: i'll give you a hint: his name is chester

person A: ohh so it's a cat! cool name
by thelittlemermaid.age22 October 09, 2011
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