this fat chester and his looser friends think they can get along with that arrogant attitude..
by kelamist January 9, 2012
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a very good cat name, not over-used and not embarrassing for your cat. also quite good when baby-talking your cat. DO NOT use for a dog, isn't as nice
person A: do you have a cat or dog?

person B: i'll give you a hint: his name is chester

person A: ohh so it's a cat! cool name
by thelittlemermaid.age22 October 10, 2011
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old roman fort town in northwest englnad near the borders of wales. full of rich and rich wanna be`s
quility of ladies is good , better than the usual brightm orange faces and tracksuits you get in surrounding areas
same cant be said for the males they all love themselves and spend hours gazing in shop windows just to check their hairs ok (this includes chavs )
although with chav males its hard to tell if they are trying to start a fight with the guy starting at them or checking their threads and cheap gold

you can have a good night out in chester and theirs usualy some chav bint flashing herself for a lift to laugh at
lets go chester and see some fit birds
lets go chester and rob the posh of its fit totty
by i hate chavs aswell June 8, 2006
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Typically a blonde guy who's socially awkward, good at maths, but all in all a bit of a dick.
by ihateallofyouxx April 2, 2017
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A small town in New Jersey, where the kids either go to public school or a small select group go to private schools in another town. A town where all the girls go get mani-pedis on Friday afternoons. Where we have to drive 15 minutes just to reach our beloved Coach and Louis Vuitton stores and where we sit in the local diner drinking coffe. Where the some girls dress with almost nothing on.
We travel as far as we can to the closets mall and all we want is a Coach store in the new Chester Mall.
by L Belle February 12, 2006
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a support for the boobs; bra.
She has forgotten to put her chester on.
by uttam maharjan June 6, 2010
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