When you hit that punani so hard and deep, the bitch can't walk for the next three days.
"Yeah child, he longdicked me good, I look like I was riding a horse!"

"Remember when I longdicked you, and broke your ovary?"
-Ghostface Killah
by osibisa October 5, 2007
i tried to talk to her but she wouldnt even holla at me, i guess im gonna have to longdick that bitch.
by ccnutmnkey December 8, 2004
Something that taught Collin has in his pants.
LeSavian was on the bus he yelled Collin got shortshort, when two hot girls said "nah be got longdick".
by Tha Money February 13, 2017
When you are giving her every inch of that goober.
I was going all the way in, and then I would pull it almost all the way out before re entry. She was like..."Damn baby, I like that longdicking"
by flop dobbins May 19, 2014
basically longdicking is when you fuck a bitch. the one distinction between plain sex and longdicking, is that when you longdick, theres a certain special something sex doesnt have..usually a giant cock or an extreme amount of stamina.
I picked up some girl at the club last night and i was longdicking dat ho for like 3 hours straight till she passed out.
by squidgy April 6, 2006
When someone always has to out do and one up you no matter what the topic is. Usually you and everyone around knows this person and knows they are fabricating this and most other stories.
Jimmy: I bought a donkey yesterday, she's really cute.

Todd: Oh yeah, I slept with THREE donkeys last night and you know what, they said I was the best they ever had.

Jimmy: Damn.

Joshua: He "Longdicked" you again, will it ever end?
by Mr. D. Butter May 10, 2010
Known as Gilbert he is a handsome young person loves living to the fullest but he only goes after one special person and once he has found that person he stays loyal to the one person...
i know a daddy longdick.
yea but i heard he likes this girl.
well i guess we wont be getting him.
by thehonesttruth02355 April 17, 2018