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The term lolzer was created as an alternative to the internet term "lol" meaning laugh out loud which is now considered overused by many people.

Lolzer can be used to acknowledge amusement at an object or an event in the same way as lol. It can be written, typed but is most popularly used in everyday spoken conversation.

It can also be used in a descriptive context.
e.g, when something funny happens one would exclaim "Thats a lolzer!"
In contrast when something that unamusing or serious happens it would be said that "That is not a lolzer"
Jim: "I was just reaching over to close the window and I tripped and face-planted on the windowsill."
Bob: "Thats a lolzer!"
Jim: "I think I might have broken my nose, it hurts pretty bad."
Bob: "Ah, ok. That is not a lolzer."

Kim: "My mum just phoned the house to ask me where I was?!"
Anna: "Lolzer!"
by Lolcatzer April 14, 2010
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LAHLZUHERZ (lahl-zehr-z):
an exclamation used to express one's comic appreciation of something, generally a recent action or intangible idea.

Other acceptable spellings:
1. lahlzers
2. lolzerz(s)
3. LOLzerz(s)

It is appropriate to occasionally drop the s or z at the end to lessen the intensity of the expression. The final degree of lessening the level of emotion (from "lolzer") is simply "lolz(s)." this is typically used to display almost a level of neutrality towards the previous comment, almost as if to simply acknowledge that it was said.
"I just shot myself in the face."


"Ouch I just stubbed my toe"


"Too bad we missed the game"
by James and Will March 16, 2008
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combining the term lol (laugh out loud) with wowzers
Someguy: man last night was totally bitching!
Somegirl: yeah if u call having a 2pump chump as a fuck buddy bitching.
Somedudelistening: lolzers!
by iLLNiSS April 25, 2006
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A loser that deserves to be laughed at.
We were at the mall and this guy was wearing a dress and fishnets, we had a good laugh. Man was he a lolzer or what.
by sizzlefizzle January 28, 2006
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Somebody who is such a loser it makes you laugh.
Dude 1: you heard about Gary?

Dude 2: nah man, has he got a job yet?

Dude 1: well, kinda... *starts sniggering*

Dude 2: what dude? What's he done this time?

Dude 1: he's only collecting sea coal, putting it in old fertilizer bags and flogging it for cheap to the elderly...

Dude 2: no way!!!! *laughs* that guy is such a lolzer!
by IknowAlolzer November 19, 2009
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