Talking nonsense about something that will get a reaction out of others.
My friend told me he got with 4 girls in two hours so I told him to stop hollerin.
by Papi Killa November 4, 2015
The thing ya momma and aunts say the kids doing. Manley when there’s a large gathering of siblings and cousins. Hoopin and hollerin is a way older adults like to describe how loud kids sound.(Mostly just black parents)
Auntie 1: Them damn kids ova steady hoopin n hollerin.

Auntie 2: Mmmhm they too damn loud.
by September 10, 2020
this word means wow, or jeepin' gillickers, wally!
Boy howdy, what a rootin', tootin', hootin', hollerin', grandma humpin' time that was! I can't wait til next time!
by Captain Jacqui April 17, 2004