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Any rubbing, tickling or kissing of your significant other's earlobe.

not particularly appropriate while other people are in the room. It makes for an akward situation.
Cameron:(lobes jessica).

Jessica: ahh stop lobing me! my little sister's sitting like right there. akward much!?
by spinster jess April 13, 2008
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when said mouth sucks and licks elongated ear lobe in a sexual manner. Opposite or same sex.
I really want you to lobe me right now.

Me and my boys were at a club and this chick started lobing me.

Brando does not like to be lobed. Cause it tickles.
by bscottiep12 December 30, 2010
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The opposite of Snozzling (to fuck someone up the nose with your tiny penis), Lobing is to fuck someone up the ear with your tiny penis.
"My penis doesn't fit in your vagina!"
"OK then, let's lobe!"
"Yah, lobing is the only way I can have intercourse with you!"
by Caleb Amaral October 20, 2008
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Sort of kinky biting/nibbling or tugging on of the ear with the teeth. Usually between partners. Usually because of it's sexy nature, occurring during a hot kissing/touching session w/o others around <- that gets awkward, lobing is hot.
When we were saying goodbye tonight, he started lobing me. Im so turned on now!
by ImUmFromUmbridge May 25, 2016
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