The highest form of love, you use it when you love someone to the point you can’t describe what you are feeling.
Ba Ba I lobe you❤️❤️❤️
by Umbff October 5, 2019
Literate Definition: Armenian word for beans. Also refers to Mexicans and South Americans
Armenian #1: where do Lobees' come from
Armenian #2: Lobeeastan!
Armenian #1: -_-
by TommyM1992 May 9, 2010
Lobe is when you have fat thumbs when you type and get the b instead of the v and are too lazy to change it so it is always lobe instead of love.
I lobe you. That is such a lobely dress and so lobeable.
by Bellyflop December 30, 2020
To deeply connect with another human being. Feeling known, mind melding, being understood, being seen, and speaking without talking are all elements of lobeing.
The lobeing was unparalleled, and we were high from the conversation as we drove across the great expanse of desert.
by playapepper July 11, 2014
Sleepy iphone texting of the word "love".
"Lobe you...drifting off 2 slumber now..."
by 18 yr 40 yr November 11, 2009
Lobe is stronger than love, and can be used to substitute for love in any situation.
I lobe Hugh Jackman more than any other actor!
by JMLUV May 10, 2009