the fastest part of the alphabet

Kindergartener: J, K, elemenopee, Q R, S,,,
by GrimacingTomato May 31, 2015
What I belived to be one later in kindergarden...
Hey Mommy! Guess what I lerned in skool today. EL EM EN OH PE isn't one letter!
by Caek November 23, 2004
Laughing My Nads Off Promptly
Laughing My Nads Off Profusely
Laughing My Nuts Off Promptly
Laughing My Nuts Off Profusely
Laughing My Nips Off Promptly
Laughing My Nips Off Profusely

A variation on LMAO that corresponds to a sequence found in the alphabet.
Guy 1: I accidentally split my pants
Guy 2: LMNOP!!
Guy 1: Stop laughing, it's not funny!!!
by vinni6687 October 17, 2007
A common term used by the coolest of the cool on the internet. It means "Lick My Nuts original Poster" but can be used in basically any situation.
by ukrebel February 15, 2007
simply put, it means: laughing my nose of profusely.
a way of expressing your laughter while chatting with friends online.
you: ...and then he fell flat on his face

me: lmnop
by toybox chick August 13, 2007
The meaning of being great, and hating the gay computer company alienware.
The great cs player lmnop was very great at times with karbon, but he hated alienware very much
by Kevin CHambers December 24, 2003
Acronym meaning "Look man, not our problem". Response given in a technical situation where it simply is not your problem to worry about.
"The user hasn't been disabled from the network after he was fired? LMNOP."
by TarynLG October 27, 2006