coolest of of the coolery.
woah, look and Jill and Blake they're the coolest of the cool!
by jjiammarino December 14, 2013
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This is a giant council made up of only the coolest of cool. If you are not one of the coolest of cool, you may not take a seat on the council. This council is made up of people who have recieved more than 1 Schlag and 50 lollerskates. However, acceptions can be made for asians who hang out with hispanics and jews, or hispanics who hang out with asians and jews, or jews who hang out with asians and hispanics, because they are already the coolest of cool. The council is ruled by a trio made up of a hispanic, an asian and a jew. You will be treated like a god if you have a seat on the Coolest-Of-Cool Council.
"Oh Johnny, i wish i could someday take a seat on the Coolest-Of-Cool Council and have naked hamsters bring me breakfast and sex in bed!" said Mommy to me as she was tucking me into bed after a light dinner of tea and strumpets.
by Ric The Spic April 24, 2005
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