Stands for Easy Life. Can be used as any form of speech. Coasting through life with not a worry in the world. Also, means taking the path of least resistance or just sitting around being lazy.
I made a live the EL!

Joe, you're quite possibly the biggest EL I have ever seen!

Yeah, I am just going home to EL and play some Xbox.
by therealEL April 5, 2011
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1. With accent, "he" pronoun in Spanish.
2. Without accent, masculine article in Spanish.
3. Chicago elevated rail (subway) system
4. Any elevated subway
I live in Chicago, and ride to El to work.
by Chicago December 4, 2003
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Short for East Lansing Michigan. Home of Michigan State University. Pronounced Ee el
Dude, I'll be in EL tonight, you gonna be in town.
by Wonderbread1988 May 26, 2011
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Short for ELEVATED TRAIN. A train that is elevated.
You can find some really wierd people on the EL.
by L0VE January 22, 2006
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yo..lets smoke up that el
by Anonymous September 2, 2003
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EL is an ancient measure of length, reaching (at least in the Netherlands) approximately 69.4 cm. The measure was local, in every major commercial center, established to differences occurred:

Amsterdam el 68.8 cm
Brabant el 69.2 cm or 16 waists
Delfsche el 68.2 cm
The Hague or ordinary el 69.4 cm
Goesche el 69 cm
Twente el 58.7 cm
Workumer or Frisian El 70.9 cm

The name is derived from the length of the forearm, the ulna. One could thus in a simple way measure lengths.

In connection with the levying of excise duty, The Hague el became the national standard in 1725.

When introducing the Dutch metric system in 1820, the El equated to one meter.

The Law of April 7, 1869 (Gazette No. 1957) were former names, including el abolished and replaced by the now customary terms. In the period 1820-1870 was a El of 10 palms (decimetres) or 100 inches (centimeters) or 1000 lines (millimeters).

El in the Bible and the Hadith books (ziraa) discussed, for example, the dimensions of the ark, is approximately 52 cm.
You can measure your el from the tip of the elbow to the top of your pink!!
by Rogerrabbit28 September 22, 2010
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1. Stands for 'efficiently lazy'.

2. Typically used in conversation when reffering to a style, approach and method to dealing with problems, solutions and troubleshooting.

3. To rapidly and precisly improve a way to do something in the simplest and most-less time consuming way.

4. Someone who does not like to waste time, yet is very good at doing a very precise and through job at any task or problem they approach. Instead of being constrained by a boundry, limit or obstacle; this person will create their own improved approach or work-around. This is typically a quality refferd to their programming style; "that person is EL".

5. Generally this person type procrastinates, sometimes whines a lot, but ultimately is valued for their skills and talent.
Example 1: Imagine a computer administrator (Fred), who needs to add a set of (15) users to multiple file-servers (50 or 60; in DNZ networks that cannot be administrated by central domains or NFS+ controllers) each with a username and password (all across the board/servers) with specific details about each user to be detailed with user account.. and so on.. Normally to accomplish a task like this would require a person to sit down to each box and or console/telnet to each system and manually type in this information at the specific server. An 'EL' person would build and/or script an application that create a repeatable/re-usable process to accomplish this task. That is being efficiently lazy; 'EL'.

Example 2: The creator(s) of the remote control is/was 'EL'.

Exmaple 3: The creator(s) of the Microwave are/were 'EL'.
by chaeseco May 28, 2003
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