"Let me see" or "let me 'c'", used to inform others in a chat room that you are checking, or looking for something, and may not be avaliable for a very short period of time.
Dim33 : Did you get the message?
Jerry_21 : lmc
by mk2y10 January 22, 2008
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lmc = lick my clit: a female version of the expression "smd" AKA "suck my dick"
*can be used by any gender
*watching american football*

Alex: OMG that was such a great play, Gronkowski's killing it this game!
Andy: Do you even know Gronkowski's mom's name...
Alex: Umm no but I can tell it was a good play...
Andy: You still don't know anything about football hahaha...
Alex: Lmc, Andy.
by avalava21 January 10, 2017
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Like my comment
John (status): lms for a cool wall post
Sarah (comment): only if you lmc first
by e.p.ftw September 26, 2011
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An acronym for Lick My Cunt, commonly used on the internet.
"LMC, beeeeatch!" Said the jealous girl with oral herpes.
by R October 17, 2004
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Lower-Middle Class; used by snobbs.
Oh, lookie at zat LMC girl .... Let’s point and laugh at ’er!!!
by Victor Van Styn August 26, 2005
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Last minute caca. When you're all ready and just about to head out the door to go somewhere, and you suddenly have to go #2, you break to have an LMC.
Sorry it took me so long, I had to have an LMC.
by annie02 March 13, 2008
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Jorge: You gmt smd
Kiya: Fuck you Lmc
by S.Johns June 17, 2016
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