Me:yo my cunt have not seen you in a long time!!
Her:Shut the fuck up im going home.
by Controller Player January 28, 2020
When you mess something up in a terrible and comedic way.
"Damn I shit my cunt!"

Bro #1: "dude I can't beleive I did that.."
Bro #2: "looks like you shit your cunt again!"
by Sevanity April 5, 2016
It means "no way" "I can't believe this!" "Are you shitting on my cunt?!"
I don't believe you i think you're shitting on my cunt
by sketchy June 16, 2015
an insult after someone says something mean to you
emily: you bitch kys fag
john: suck my cunt whore
by hekansjsis January 26, 2022
Mother: "Sweetheart, have you done your homework yet?"
Son: Damn bitch! Get off my cunt!
by Halpin Productions November 2, 2007
A term used by real dirty birds that are usually looking for more than just a lick to get to the center of her tootsie pop.
“Why don’t ya lick my cunt for luck cause your dumbass is going to need it
by chHAad March 6, 2021
A one time popular phrase of the internet culture.
Yo momma don't like my socks? Suck my cunt, dickboi.

A pajama cat is coming for you in the morning. Suck my cunt, dickboi.
by drugs n hugs January 28, 2017