to kiss a boy/gyal on tha mouth using tongues usually
why did you lipse dat gyal for shes nasty
by Kelz April 1, 2005
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to kiss someone of the opposite sex but usually said about a girl
"have you lipsed that girl yet"
"why aren't you lisping your yat?"
by Alex April 26, 2005
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When a girl gives head and then proceeds to kiss a guy right after.
Jenny white-lipsed Jeremy at the party last week
by Pablo brickz September 8, 2018
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On a Night out, The process following a hesitant attempt to get a potential partner back to your house or hotel room to engage in a meaningless form of intimacy. After the initial Kiss or Contact with the third party, the feeling of insecurity, self doubt & seemingly low self esteem kicks in instilling panic resulting in a prompt departure from the situation.
"I've just see Nathan pull a bird in Waikiki, but he Lipsed it, sharted & darted"
by Hashtagfatlad July 31, 2017
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