on october 29 it is kiss a boy day. It’s a day that everyone needs to kiss a boy dont matter what sex you are.
(Rick) hey bro, wanna kiss?
(Matt) Yeah sure, it’s october 29 so it is kiss a boy day!
(Rick) after that u can suck me dick
(Matt) ofc bro, #nohomo
by alienbrick October 29, 2019
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kiss a boy day
kiss a boy day october 22th
by anonymus5679 October 20, 2019
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On October 31 is kiss a boy day this is because guys never want to get kissed by girls so I I can’t say my name but I made this day because Guys are stupid and never want kisses.
Kiss a boy day.ask a boy to be kissed on October 31 and then show this to them
by Brown_fox October 30, 2019
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A girl can kiss any boy they want
Kiss a boy day
by AZZCCUTLER October 18, 2019
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25th October is national kiss a boy day,a girl can kiss whoever they want(boy)or hold his hand
Boy:Hey! Today is 25th October witch means today is National Kiss a boy day!! I hope a girl will kiss me!!
by Princess Gummy October 24, 2019
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