It's a city in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Universe.
We are goin' to Waikiki.
by Golferbc April 4, 2018
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One member of the party lies in supine position and receives the fecal torpedo from someone else positioned above their face. The challenge is to dump perpendicularly into the mouth of the recieving partner in order to create a perfectly vertical watchtower.
After giving her a waikiki watchtower she fell in love with him.
by EFIL4ZIFG July 6, 2022
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Waikiki (as in the island) sneaky. Giving it to a girl from behind.
oh dude I would def give her the waikiki sneaky between the cheeky.
by sexpert March 22, 2005
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Waikiki a neighbour in Hawaii well known for its surfing and paddling boarding... A Waikiki Cumshot is when a male engages in water sports... I.e urinating on their male or female counterpart in a sexual fashion.
My husband give me the most powerful Waikiki Cumshot last night, it was so warm and heavenly.
by littleboylost December 27, 2016
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Inserting one or more fingers into a woman's vagina, pleasuring her to the point of maximum lubrication. Once achieved, remove the finger(s) and casually stroke her face or brush her hair with the sopping wet fingers. It is considered successful if the woman never even notices that you just rubbed her vaginal juices all over her face and/or hair.
Dude 1 - Hey, did you bang that chick last night?
Dude 2 - Did I?!? Not only that, but I Waikiki Wet Washed her!
Dude 1 - No way!!
Dude 2 - She didn't even notice!!
* High Five *
by angrycartoon February 4, 2012
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When Cody Lacy Fucks your dad in front of you and your mom is cheering them once
waikiki wake-up call someone.
by Turd mongler February 21, 2016
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A turd taken in Hawaii after a large feed where the turd is so large it rests on the base of the toilet bowl and breaches the water in the toilet bowl
I ate a Quarter Pounder and nuggets last night and had to suffer through a Waikiki Wipe this morning. I am exhausted.
by Unofficial Mayor March 4, 2018
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