No, No, No! You're all wrong. A Lincoln Log is when you drop a loaf that's so big and solid that it by itself (without any t.p.) can plug the toilet. if the toilet doesnt plug then it's not a Lincoln Log. Officially it has to be one of those high pressure flushing public bathroom toilets for it to be a real Lincoln Log. You know, those toilets that flush with the sound of a jet taking off. Ever since my good friend Big Head Ed introduced eating regular fiber in his diet nobody has been able to create real Lincoln Logs, so out of traditional honour the standard has dropped to any type of toilet. And please people, lets capitalize the words Lincoln Log. Show some respect for its glory!
Mike: "AH! Yuck, somebody passed a smelly ol' Lincoln Log in this public washroom!"
Albert: "I kind of like that smell"
Other person in the washroom: "That's gross!"
by M Dogg March 26, 2005
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Alex dropped a lincoln log so hard that the plumbers had to come.
by wen boi M!0 May 28, 2017
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big old turds, so solid you could stack them.
by Abraham June 30, 2003
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I ate some bran and took a laxative. The lone lincoln log clogged the toilet.
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
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A piece of toast with a hole in the middle and an egg fried inside the hole.
Man, should I have toast or eggs for breakfast? Oh I know! I'll have a lincoln log!!
by phillyfolk May 15, 2010
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The beaded turds that hurt to push out and remind you of something you found in your Mom's dresser once
I ripped a lincoln log recently and it almost tore up my butthole!
by LordOfTheThings January 1, 2015
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A massive turd that you release into a toilet, only for the toilet water to splash all over your butt.
I made the biggest lincoln log last night, it took me an hour to get it to flush!
by BlaketheBlock January 22, 2021
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