Several guys stand in a circle around a biscuit (possibly a wheat digestive). They all begin to jerk off, ejactulating onto the biscuit. The last person to cum, consequently, has to eat the soggy biscuit.
by beast May 22, 2003
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A game in which a group of boys crowd round a biscuit and try to ejaculate onto it. When there is only one person left who hasn't ejaculated, he must eat the biscuit.
Some kids played limp biscuit last night. No one ate the biscuit because they all thought the first guy to get an erection in the company of other guys was gay so they killed him.
by GAYGAY August 17, 2006
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When you can't get a hard on.
After she made that remark to me I was just a limp biscuit.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
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What someone looks like when their limbs go limp/numb and they snort when laughing.
You look like a limp biscuit when you laugh.
by lesbiana dykington March 7, 2019
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A group of men in a circle jerk and a Ritz cracker in the middle. The last person who nuts on the cracker has to eat the Limp Biscuit.
Damn bro. I'm sorry. You need to eat the limp biscuit dog.
by Savageman30004728883929 October 24, 2019
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A limp biscuit is the mathematical term for an infinity shaped curve, commonly misunderstood as a lemniscate. It has been rumored that the band Limp Bizkit got their name from the idea of being infinite, so they wanted to use the mathematical term for the symbol. But sadly the creators of Limp Bizkit did not have the greatest spelling skills and the word biscuit was misspelled in their name. The term limp biscuit originated from Jacques Bernoulli back in 1694.
Person 1: "What do you want your team name to be?"
Person 2: "Limp Biscuit!"
Person 1: "What did you say? Lemniscate?"
by that one gatton kid January 11, 2014
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