When a transgender woman takes estrogen, the penis can no longer get fully hard. Meaning their penis will always be limp, because of the medication they take.
Natalie is having trouble during sexual intercourse, as she's taking limp biscuits.
by Creative twat September 03, 2021
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A group of men in a circle jerk and a Ritz cracker in the middle. The last person who nuts on the cracker has to eat the Limp Biscuit.
Damn bro. I'm sorry. You need to eat the limp biscuit dog.
by Savageman30004728883929 October 24, 2019
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What someone looks like when their limbs go limp/numb and they snort when laughing.
You look like a limp biscuit when you laugh.
by lesbiana dykington March 07, 2019
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