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Noun: Matthew 18:15. "If thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault."

Verb: To Matthew 18 someone is to make someone aware of their faults in a way that is both confrontational and obnoxious. Whether this person kissed your girlfriend, drank the last beer in your fridge, or simply sent you a game invite on Facebook , no transgression is too petty to Matthew 18 them. The most effective way of Matthew 18ing someone is to jab your middle and index fingers deep in their sternum while listing their offenses loudly in a public setting, such as a lunchroom, grocery store, or library. And since you are backed by scripture, you are justified.
Charlie used my bathroom and left some leopard spots in the toilet, so I Matthew 18’d the bastard.
by bigdanshooter September 07, 2014
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