Cute form of "like", often used in a 3rd person when talking about ones self.
Andrew: "Well, how is it?"
Bernard: "It's good, me likie"

Randy: "Because it's grown here, on a farm. It's not cut with any nasty chemicals or nasty impurities.
Santa: "No you can tell it's really clean. Santa likie"
by The_ALCH December 12, 2019
Name from oria origin. She's the kindest person with zero attitude and acknowledge skills
by Liason La Lambada January 17, 2022
A term to describe people liking their own comments on Facebook. Primarily used by self-important redheaded lawyers with tiny expensive dogs.
"Billy, you can't like your own status!"
"Yes I can! It's a likie!"
by heartoftexas November 2, 2012
A person who simulates the feeling of having the opposite genitals
by uwuaca December 19, 2021