Insert Name is reading UrbanDictionary because it is the most intriguing activity that Insert Name could think of doing at the moment in his life.

(Sailor Jerry says hi)
by wittyname January 18, 2010
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The most fatal disease of all-time. Life has killed more people than all the other diseases combined. Life still kills tens of thousands of people everyday, and even more plants, animals, and insects. Side effects often include more diseases, suicide wounds, pain, sleep deprivation, stress, eating disorders and mental disorders. Your diagnosis of Life is shown on your birth certificate; see birth certificate. Also see birthday.
Life is a serious fatal disease that is not to be joked about.
by Help stop spreading the disease September 13, 2006
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This can be broken or beautiful, depending on the day, the circumstances of the world, society, hormones, and thought. Often goes hand in hand with love. This often sucks and makes life a pain in the butt, yet you can't have one without the other. Life is not always the most sought thing - see suicidal, depressed - but all in all those who have it should cherish it, because you only live once. Advice on life is generally unreliable, as it comes only from the ones who are in the midst of it. After all, the rest are either six feet under or just a ball of cells. The most important thing about life is :

DON'T WASTE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live life to the fullest even if there's no happiness in sight. For all you know, you might not have another chance.
by 04music21 November 11, 2011
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Life is a confusing thing. Life mostly involves bacon, sitting, eating, and waiting to eat more food. That's basically it. This is the true meaning of life.
"Why is life so confusing?" "It will all be okay just keep eating bacon."
by Bacon is inside you March 24, 2013
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god damn eve and her fat ass for eating an apple, life is her fault.
by DoUNoTylrDurden February 27, 2005
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Extended period of decay between coming into existence and leaving it.
by rs21 September 02, 2005
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context in which the good things are expensive, the yummy things make you fat and the fun things are sinful.
life in the 'emergin' countries
by Cordelia June 24, 2004
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