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A person or thing from Libya..which is a North Africa (Under the boot shaped country and next to the one with Pyramids). Libyans are generally of the Islamic persuasion and the Arabic invasion of a few centuries ago has left its mark. Libya has a history of occupation from the Romans to the Facist Italians who proudly pounced on the then relatively impotent state-ish leftover of the bygone Ottomans. After 1949 Lybians became the subjects of a king, then the onlookers of a coup and are now politically repressed supposed supporters of the Qaddafi regime who is competing with Egypt's Mubarak as the longest running leader with universal support (Saddam currently holds the record..methinks)... Anyway Libyans, good looking girls that you don't want to look at, pissing Arabs off especially about their women is baaaadddd news. Oh yea and they hate Israel...a lot.
I am a Libyan. Very easy to use.
by Non Biased Onlooker January 31, 2008
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1) Phrase to be spoken in a loud voice anytime one spots a Volkswagon micro bus. Referance to 'Back to the Future' when Marty and Doc are attacked by a Volkswagon bus full of pissed-off Libyans with automatic weapons. (Doc had used the Plutonium they had given him to build a bomb to power his Delorian. He gave them back a bomb casing full of pinball parts)
No further notice is to be taken of the vehicle UNLESS it actualy filled with gun toting arabs, or if it has Libyan licence plates, or a bumper sticker stating 'My kid is an honor roll student at Tripoli Highschool'

2) Libyans have vast quantites of oil & plutonium. UN sanctions were lifted and in December 2003 Lybia announced that it would abandon programs to build weapons of mass destruction. They were also responsible for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland.
1) LIBYANS!!!!

2) shifty arabs
by Socata August 29, 2007
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