Someone thats a fucking god and dont give a shitttt
That lessard kids a effing all-star
by allstar9669 February 4, 2016
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A lizard disguised as a human. They are taking over the planet slowly with their lizard ways.
A think he's a lessard
by That fat cat 56789 December 15, 2015
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To be super involved... with online poker and madden. To prefer sitting on the couch over a large party, to prefer streak for the cash to an actual football game. To puke in the Rio, and Tony's when inebriated.
Yo, quit being such a Joe Lessard and come out tonight.

Me: Hey Joe Lessard come on we have class.
Joe: Naw man, I'm raking in virtual cash on the Online Series Texas Hold Em'
by Joe Watch August 26, 2009
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JosianeLessard Production

Activist #MeToo
“I would only want fame because: the more famous you are, the more you have the ability to change someone’s life. I like to make people happy and help them.”
Josiane Lessard also gets her name mispronounced.
by CapitolRecords January 10, 2020
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being gay on several ocassions and have two cousins one being amazing at rockband and the other having a pontiac. in order to be a full alec mincus lessard your younger sibling must obsess over these things.
OMG that kid is being such a "alec mincus lessard." ya i no he won't stop being gay.
by brian patrick murphy February 5, 2009
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A person with little work ethic, or motivation to do work.
Come on Aaron don't be a lessard today! Help out the team and make sure you get those pallets where they belong.
by El troll January 8, 2022
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The ultimate junko poser. Famous cosplayer, song writer and big activist among the weeb and cosplay community.
by CapitolRecords November 10, 2020
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