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A specific attack on the birth rates of Americans by a facist, communist, and/or socialist foreign government which identity is unknown at this time.

This terrorist attack on our US citizens has been carried out by either highly trained operatives deeply embedded in our society or are just typical American liberal idiots being used as puppets.

The goal is to make men fear women to the point that it would be safer to jerk off into your favorite tube sock rather that even think of approaching a woman, for the mere glance at a woman could be considered a metoo movementable offense.

The consequences of becoming metoo'd increase in respect to your wealth, political affiliations, and/or position of power. This is the key to the terrorist attack, go after America's elite so that the foreign government behind the "movement" can deal a devastating blow to America while we're distracted.

When men are scared to procreate, birth rates will fall and America will become depopulated. America will be weak enough to be invaded with no one to defend it.
Andrew: Hey Ron, check out my new girlfriend. I made her out of a rolled up towel, string and baby oil!

Ron: I made 1 just like it last week. I sure don't miss going on complicated dates and worrying I would be the latest victim of metoo.
by Dr.FartScientist October 01, 2018
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something you say to mean that you are also in the same situation....

can be used for comical, or annoyance purposes
i have to go to the gynocologyst tooo

shut up u queer
by headhighbliss April 15, 2007
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a gramatical tool that denotes a collaboration of the
feelings of two people that are in every way possible,
completely identical.
You know that I wish I could see you right now
cause I love you so deeply? I think we work so
well together as a team and Im so glad that
were together now.

me too™
by Zachary Shamir February 09, 2007
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A honda civic. Is derived from the fact that almost everybody in the world has a civic.
Person 1: I have a civic
Person 2: Really? Me too

Hey man, check out my me too.
by zer01 February 01, 2004
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The MeToo movement began as a hashtag and rallying cry for women to unify after news stories about accusations against famous men (mostly by Hollywood women) as sexual predators for: sexual harassment, getting dick-pics, groping, sexual assault, rape, or some kind of sexual misconduct.
The MeToo movement began with stories in the New York Times about accusations against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, but the eerily common element has been people associated with NBC: former host of The Apprentice, Donald Trump; former Saturday Night Live player, Sen. Al Franken; former writer for Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Louis Székely (Louis CK); former host of the Today Show, Matt Lauer; senior political analyst for NBC News, Mark Halperin; and senior vice president for booking at NBC News and booker of talent and guests for the Today Show, Matt Zimmerman. The list also includes Hollywood actors; documentary-makers; Hollywood and Manhattan directors of films, theater, orchestra, or Amazon; chefs; journalists; pro-athletes; TV or radio hosts; photographers; and hip hop producers. The lesson appears to be that even those who think they're above it all can reap what they have sown.
by Rosebud1776 January 03, 2018
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An identical or nearly-identical tattoo that was chosen merely because the person saw it on someone else.
Did you see that emo kid's stars on his left wrist and the "cut here" on his right wrist? What a dummy to get a couple of metoos.
by Marcus Solomon August 20, 2008
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