A guy who’s nice to everyone and has an incredible smile. He’s shy and gets nervous around people he doesn’t know but when you get to know him he is really funny, loving and caring and would be the perfect boyfriend to you. He will always have your back no matter what.
Aaron: WOW I love that woman I have to steal her from Rio.

Rio: Walks up to Aaron punches him in the face and keeps walking.
by NotRio2233 November 13, 2018
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Probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Dark haired, Curvy, and has terrific brown eyes. Rio is very caring, and while she may seem rude to others, is wonderfully kind when you get to know her. Boys fall to her feet, but she doesn't make good choices with boys. Plasters a smile on her face, but is really broken inside. A talented listener. She never fails to make me smile. I love this girl with all of my heart :) Doesn't know she's beautiful. Insecure about her looks. Has the cutest laugh :) Isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Unique. A bit of a flirt, but would never cheat on her boyfriend. Just... amazing :)
"I met this girl the other day, and she was perfect! So kind and caring and unique!"

"Oh, that's a Rio."

"How do you know?"

"That's what Rios are like!"
by Laurynn;) December 24, 2012
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"Rio" the most awesome person in the world. If you don't like a person named Rio, no one likes you.
Bob: "Woah, that guy was nice."
George: "Hm, must be named Rio."
Bob: "YEAH, how'd you know?!"
George: "All cool guys are named Rio."

"I met a guy named Rio last night, he was awesome."
by Bite Me 8694 February 11, 2009
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Rio is a handsome boy whom is usually lightskin they are usual much more matured than other boys there age and like older girls they are popular cool funny but they have fake friends and they usually know this. If you know a rio be 😊 happy
Oi yo hes a rio still g
by crippiling depression 2.0 October 21, 2018
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Rio. How on earth do you begin to define a Rio? She's just perfect; amazing, kind, and caring. She's the most talented listener, always there when you need her, through thick and thin. She's been through some harsh times but tries not to let it get her down, although sometimes it's difficult. She's got ɑn amazing body, great hair & dazzling eyes, She's very insecure about herself and her looks, although she needn't be. Α Rio is very academic & enjoys sport, She has many friends and tends to hang around with boys too. Rio is not a girly girl on any level, she would much rather be playing soccer/football in the mud+grass than being stuck indoors doing her hair. Rio is amazing. If you ever get yourself a Rio.. Keep her and don't ever let her go.
Wow, I wish I was more like Rio..
by erm, Who are you? February 10, 2013
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She has a lot of friends, but she only has one real best friend. She’s probably going to be forever single, but most of her female friends say she’s pretty. She always confides in her best friend about love interests and appearances, and she believes she has no hope in terms of love. She desperately wants a significant other. She spends a few minutes in front of random mirrors each day trying to perfect her facial expressions. She gets good grades without trying too hard except cramming, and will definitely help anyone cheat on the exam. According to her, she helps anyone who asks. To be honest Rio is a bit of an asshole, but only to close friends and when she knows it’s ok. Otherwise she tries her best to be as nice as possible. She never snitches unless it doesn’t affect the culprit. That’s why she’s your number one source of tea. Rio is always there to listen if her friends are going through a hard time, and she gives excellent advice and cheers people up easily. She knows when to be genuine because she’s very perceptive about when something’s wrong, even over text.
Catrina: Ugh...I feel a little ugly and disgusting today...
Shannon: Hey, Rio can definitely help! She knew how to cheer me up the moment she saw me sad.

Lyn: Yo did you hear about what happened in the bushes the other day? I need to know, I’m so curious!

Brianna: I dunno either, we could probably ask Rio though.

Robyn: I’m bored, let’s talk about people we know. How about Rio?

Leanna: Oh damn she’s so pretty. She’s got such long dark natural hair, I don’t know why she thinks she’s unattractive.

Robyn: Well yesterday she was groaning about how her smile has been “wrong the whole time”. Wonder what she meant.
by Rio’s Number One Hoe September 11, 2020
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