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Junko is a person who you shouldn’t take for granted.junko is Beautiful but has attitude she’s very serious and secretive but is also a good friend when you get to know her will never upset you or hurt you. When she lends you her trust you can’t lose it she will never be on your side again. If you meet a junko she will most likely dump you first but if she doesn’t she truly cares about you. Junko is an awesome listener and cheerful on the outside but in the inside is very sensitive. A junko has also gone through a lot in her life that’s why she doesn’t keep people close to her unless she cares about them truly . Please don’t lose a junko when you find one she will never hurt you unless you mess with her
“OMG shes cute who is that”
Oh that junko

“In just cheated on junko”
“Boi you better run or do something bc she don’t joke like that”
by Danganronpa names May 17, 2018
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Junko is a Dutch word for rolled marijuana cigarette, mainly used on the streets. It is also known as a joint.
"we were gonna do a junko, you want a some"
by JA-JAcoba December 11, 2017
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Small mythical creature seaking yaoi and jrock love from Gackt. Known to be quite hyper and use a folder for hurt.
"OMG did you just go JUNKO on my ass?!"
by Princeoforange September 06, 2003
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a person it doesn't matter if they are rich or poor that just isn't clean about things that wear dirty or wrinkled clothes, throws trash on the ground, their house is a mess, and never combs their hair.
Wilbur tossed his twinkie wrapper on the floor, what a junko.
by cardinal_fan November 04, 2004
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