Leonidas (Λεωνίδας) is a Greek masculine name, from “leon” meaning “lion”
also referred to as Leo, Leonidas is known to be a sex god, known for his genius and good looks.

Every girl would be lucky to have a guy like Leonidas, even though he has a tendency to blow girls off because he doesn't like "thots".
Girl 1: Who's that super hot sex god over there?

Girl 2: That's Leonidas
Girl 1: Oh my god he's so fit!

Girl 2: He's like perf, he's a a football player, and a real gentleman.

Girl 1: I wanna date him!
by mary and andy April 19, 2018
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great spartan king who slayed the many heads of persians. Slaughter many enemies of sparta and banged the queen of sparta

"Who is Leonidas?"

"What?! This is SPartAAAAAAA!!!!!!" *kicks*
by Silencer77 April 14, 2007
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a guy who typically has a megaschlong ding dong. im talking a third leg. i can barely fit my fist around it. im talking gags mcgee. that is all
"Dude i had sex last night and i can't walk anymore"
"Oh dude, did you fuck Leonidas?"
"yea dude howd you know"
by myvaginafuckinghurtssofuckingb December 9, 2018
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He is one of the sexiest men alive and gets all the girls, but doesn't care for thots so pays them dust. He provides major banter and makes everyone crease with his outta line jokes.

Doesn't always know when to stop drinking, but he will always be one of the best people you know.
Shortened to leo, which is another word for someone absolutely perfect, gorgeous, funny, sweet and a gentleman.
Loves animals.
girl: How do you know that guy?
guy: Ahh thats just Leonidas he's hilarious

girl: Really? Leonidas looks like a sex god, he best hmu on snap
girl 2: Damnnnn he's peng, Leonardo DiCaprio has nothing on him
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The most sexiest man on the earth,
Gets all the girls,He also is a god that says THIS IS SPARTA!!!! Don’t mess with him or he will fuck you up
Yo see that guy walking,That’s a Leonidas
by YoThatsMyBoiLeonard January 7, 2018
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Awesome. Capable of dealing great physical harm.
Dude...the way you kicked that guy's ass.... Fuckin' Leonidas.
by Zeik Younge November 1, 2007
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Replicating the famous scene from 300, during sex, the man ejaculates onto the womans chest and the kicks her out of bed yelling "This is Sparta!"

This can also be executed by kicking the girl in the face while she is giving head from her knees while the man is standing.
The Leonidas I gave her told her who was boss.
by K-Noodle November 28, 2007
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