The greatest cry ever shouted in the history of the universe, only to be shouted directly before delivering a kick to the sternum over a large, seemingly endless pit that has no logical reason for being there but looks really, really, awesome.
This is blasphemy! THIS IS MADNESS!!! Madness huh? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!
by Luc F June 2, 2007
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A phrase that people put in their signatures to appear cool, because the average noob does not know what "THIS IS SPARRTTAAAA" means, but realizes if he did know what it meant, it would be rather funny.
Johns Signature: THIS IS SPARTA D<
Noob: lol! wait wha?
by Ivy Shyzz January 25, 2008
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A term shouted in a loud and powerful voice in order to declare ones presence and stature (usually accompanied by a fist or spear raise). Strikes fear and horror into others. Especially effective against Persian armies.

An ancient city in S Greece: the capital of Laconia and the chief city of the Peloponnesus, at one time the dominant city of Greece: famous for strict discipline and training of soldiers. Also called Lacedaemon.

To ravishly fulfill one's carnal desires.
Opportune times to yell "Sparta!":
-while defending Sparta
-while defending Greece
-while kicking an emissary down a bottomless pit
-while leading the Spartan army into battle
-while in the Phalanx formation
-before chugging a beer
-after chugging a beer
-at random people walking down the street
-before taking a final exam
-in a crowded elevator
-during an orgasm... nice
-in the middle of a heist
-while battling a monkey
-while brushing your teeth
-while waiting in line at a dining hall
-with a mouth full of cereal and milk
-the minute quiet hours start
-in your roommates ear when he/she falls asleep
-when you see someone get shanked
-while receiving a bj
-while giving a bj?
-in the shower
-in a public bathroom
-when the teacher calls on you
-when the teacher doesn't call on you
-when receiving the nobel peace prize
-when answering the phone
-after motorboating a bitch
-while motorboating a bitch?
-during a nasty case of diahrea (machine gun shits)
-while out to dinner with girlfriends parents
-Prior to introductions with someone new (ex. SPARTA!!!!!!....Hi, I'm Paul)
-While getting on a ski lift
-After winning an eating/drinking contest
by Dan H. & Paul B. March 24, 2007
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a verb, to kick someone in the chest while yelling "Sparta!"
When Bill was being a jerk, Mike spartad him into the pool.
by Jack Stevenson March 17, 2007
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A highly explosive grade of whoopass. Known to take foes utterly by surprise. So overpowering in its pwnage that it must be screamed every time it is said, preferably while kicking someone into a well, over a cliff or over any kind of precipice.
"Madness? This...IS SPARTA!!"

"Fool, I have come here to bring the SPARTA!! You don't want none of this!"

"SPARTA!!" *any words said after this point are drowned out by the mighty din of an ownage of epic proportions*
by the birds and trees February 29, 2008
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2. the state of being insane; insanity.
3. senseless folly: It is sheer madness to speak as you do.
4. frenzy; rage.
5. intense excitement or enthusiasm.
"Man, did you see that guy stab that opossum? That was sheer Sparta..."
"He should seek help..."

Douchebag "This is madness!"
Badass "Madness? THIS! IS! SPARTAAAA!"
by King Leo' January 23, 2008
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What this is; the opposite of madness.
"Madness? THIS! IS! SPARTA!"
by sdfasdsf February 15, 2008
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