A flat, beret-like hat that Vladimir Lenin used to wear back in the day. Still worn by Communists and non-Communists who simply like the style.
Lenin hats actually look pretty cool.
by KRHimself December 23, 2004
The man whose revolution created the Soviet Union and ultimately lead to the death of millions worldwide. Ironically, he now serves capitalism as the subject of t-shirts for the politically and historically uninformed.
"Dude, look at my new t-shirt; it has Vladimir Lenin on it! Now people will think I'm an idealistic rebel!"
by PHATErik October 23, 2007
Started the communist government in Russia, he took over the Russian government in October 1918. He overtook the provisional government which was set up in result of the 1917 Russian revolution. Joseph Stalin was his right hand man, and eventually took over for him after his death in the 1922.
by Hank Hill 07 March 19, 2008
to threaten to resign from office, or to write a panflet expressing your views
by Sam Weston February 7, 2007
when you click on a random comment on youtube that has a link and it leads you to a video which you get lenin rolled from

and the link is for a example is like
Timeworks: Oh there is a yt link in my comments lemme click it -clicks it- gets lenin rolled NOOO WHY ME WHYYYYYYYYY
by wrongfarter May 25, 2021
Deleuzian hypothesis that society is a conflict between the aesthetically-ugly and the capitally-successful.
Bio-Leninism is a transverse-Marxist (Deleuzian) connector of Foucalt (biopolitics) and Marx.

BioLeninism proffers that rather than a conflict between rich and poor; politics is a conflict between the rich and ugly.
by sandrashine July 15, 2020