Discord Marxism-Leninism (DML) or more commonly known as Leonism or in some occasions Moralistic Socialism is a socialist ideology about the ideas of Discord leader Leon Trotsky (Ice crem#1946). It follows very conservative morals such as tolerance towards religion and the disapproval of homosexuality but follows the socialist economic model, yet also promises equality for the people.
Discord Marxism-Leninism is pretty based and redpilled ngl...
by Generalissimus Leon April 24, 2020
(tr. v) Occurs when you accidentally turn-in a DVD case without the actual DVD in it to the rental place.
Shoot, I still have the Good-bye Lenin! disc even though I turned in the case to the university media center. I think I'll just keep it.

That's okay, I Good-bye Lenin-ed! Waking Life a few days ago. No one checks the cases anymore.
by karmamilkhai October 19, 2008
A variant on the phrase "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy", which is a child's rhyming slang to indicate an easy task. However, this term is used specifically in reference to the violent overthrow of government, or in reference to the act of writing any text, pamphlet, paper, or book on such subjects.
1) "Comrade, are you ready to storm the Tsar's Winter Palace and install our protelariat government in place of this autocratic and outdated feudal monarchy?"
"Yes, comrade. It will be easy peasy lenin squeezy because they are all fat bourgeois pigs."

2) "Yo man, have you written that essay on Karl Marx yet?"
"No, but it should be easy peasy lenin squeezy, I've read the book twice already."

by Manish Melwani May 8, 2008
When a male gives his female partner a vodka enema, soaks up the drips with a nice slice of rye bread, then stuffs it in her mouth.

He then flips her around, and proceeds to pleasure her anally.

The trifecta is complete once she swallows the rye bread and cums out the remainder of the vodka enema.

Oh- this all takes place in a gulag.
Jake gave Adrienne a Russian Sandwich (AKA The Sneaky Lenin) on a glass coffee table in Minsk last week.
by Andrew Sundberg April 18, 2007
Anti-lenin anti-worker bourgeois fascist imperialist is the standard appellation of most internet leftists. This was originally coined by the infamous gracchus babeuf.
Typical internet leftist: I just got called anti-lenin anti-worker bourgeois fascist imperialist :(
by lolzski June 11, 2012
A guy with a bad grammar. Leninous is a very annoying person who says bruh too much. If its a she then that means they are very cute and very cool! But if its a guy... A guy Leninous is a uwu girl.
Omg the Leninousgirl is so cute but the Leninousguy is a jerk uwu.
by Nilo-chan~ June 14, 2021