Some one who like to hoe around a more subtle term for a whore
She's my provisional
by Charlesdope March 31, 2017
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Pro·vi·sion·al·ism: listening with an open mind, openness to new possibilities.
Thomas Jefferson believed in provisionalism. He argued that because no generation has a right to bind subsequent generations, the Constitution should expire every 19 years.
by TakesNoCredit July 22, 2016
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Pro-Visional-ism: Vision being the ability to see the future in this sense and pro being an influence, that being said provisionalism means having an influence on the future.
by Deetmx November 21, 2007
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A vote coming from the morons of certain areas of a country, who have no idea where to go to vote so they hit up any voting place they can; causing votes that cannot be counted for up to 10 days delaying an election.
Save it for the last minute voter.
by Brent S. November 3, 2004
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Usually a misspelling of the words 'French Provincial', could also refer to a line of cardboard temporary furniture in the French Provincial style.
"I won't be living here long, so I'll just furnish the place with some french provisional furniture."
by Creepy Craig April 7, 2008
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