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the most ah-muh-zing!!!! nickname ever given to a girl name Kelly!!! The story behind it is even better : )
by Little Lelly January 16, 2011
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1. a very beautiful girl

2. A loving, gentle, cuddly person

3. The worst possible person to talk to when trying to accomplish anything
1.) Did you see that Lelly over there? Wow, she is drop dead gorgeous!

2.) I was being groped by a Lelly last night but I didn't mind it, as they are prone to be extremely nurturing and caring.

3.) I tried to get homework done while skyping my Lellyboo but it was just so damned impossible. I physically can't take my eyes off her.
by Androgynous Jane November 26, 2013
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An adorable cute little licky dog! If you name your dog lelly she or he is guaranteed to be licky!!!
by Hms10000 December 17, 2018
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