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A very beautiful girl or handsome boy originating from the one and only Bosnia and Herzegovina. The typical Bosnian person would drink Rakija, smoke atleast a pack of Marlboro a day or wears vests underneath all clothes regardless of the weather. Typical Bosnians are involved in smuggling 'sudzuk', 'paprika' or 'meso' over country borders. The only thing they know to do is eat pite, mainly Burek. they also love sarma. Bosnians can also be identified by their cold hate towards Serbians.
Person 1: "there's a balkan tennis player called Novak Djokovic"
Person 2: "idgas about Serbians"
Person 1: "OH that's what a Bosnian is!"
by elms.aiko September 22, 2016
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1) A person of the Bosnian heritage or descent; One who is from Bosnia or has roots in Bosnia.

2) An object manufactured in Bosnia.
1) His parents were born in Bosnia, therefore he must be Bosnian.

2) That cheese is Bosnian.
by COMATOSE_PUNK April 18, 2004
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Bosnian is the national origin of anybody who has a Bosnian heritage and was born in Bosnia, not mattering what religion they are(unless of course they do not see themselves as Bosnian like most catholics and orthodox christians there, but not all).
For the record somebody from Hercegovina is also a Bosnian because Hercegovina was never a independent region, but a region in Bosnia. It only received the name Hercegovina (after Hrzeg Stjepan who was a warlord in the Hum region today Herzegovina)long after being a Bosnian territory. Even during the Ottoman time Herzegovina was a territory in Bosnia( a sandzak in the Bosnian Pashadom) and the name Bosnia and Herzegovina came only to be during the creation of Yugoslavia(due to political reasons).
by Admir May 02, 2006
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I am bosnian, i dont understand why serbs and croats has so much hatred still for us, if ur parents taught u to hate us then theyre stupid and werent taught anything and are bums, i have alot of serb and croat friends and there cool and not as racist as some people

Jebem ti mater =D
Wow ur bosnian, thats awesome

Bosnians, serbians, croatians shouldnt hate on eachother PEACE not WAR
by Olja December 01, 2004
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A bosnian is a person from bosnia i hercegovina, Bosanka,Bosanac mean girl adn boy bosnian
I am from sarajevo (bosnia) therefor I am Bosnian
by Nene December 01, 2004
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a bomb person who slaps hella loud, and stays getting drunk, parties all the time with nothing to celebrate. eats greasy food, tries to smoke at least once by the age of 9. a person who loves to curse a lot, and has anger issues. THEY NEED EVERYTHING TO ALWAYS BE CLEAN, SO THE MOM'S CLEAN NON STOP.
Bosnians, think of your own.
by HENIFE. August 07, 2009
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A person coming from Bosnia. Many people confuse it with beign a nationality. The country is called Bosnia&Herzegovina. Only the northern part is Bosnia. If you're from Herzegovina you're not Bosnian. Bosnians can be Croats, Bosniaks, Serbs, Gypsies. Most Bosnians are Slavs who are Croats, Serbs, or Bosniaks.
That girl has a nice body with big breasts and bossom, she MUST be Bosnian!
by Croatian_Kid November 19, 2005
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