Legume as a English word means (certain) vegetables like lentils, peas, beans, soybeans and peanuts. Not to be confused with the french word witch means vegetables in a general sense.
pretentious Pete: Now that autumn is upon us, I can finally make luscious heartwarming soups, stews and casseroles out of legume.

simple Simon: Legym!, WTF are you talking about?

pretentious Pete: (Shocked that Simon does not understand this rarely used word, then condescendingly:) you know beans, peas, lentils and so forth. The sort of vegetables your under educated, peasant relatives lived on hundreds of years ago.
by Earl of Warwick July 29, 2017
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When something happens to a person that is VERY unfortunate. A more extreme version of Beaned.
*has to draw 24 cards in uno*
Yooooo u just got LEGUMED
by 🅱️En Dover January 11, 2019
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That boy with the floppy hair we all know, who gets all the girls. He's typically the bad boy/stoner dude but once you get to know him he's really sweet. He is either skating, playing guitar or stoned which is why he'll probably ghost you. He's into all the alternate/Indie shit that he'll talk about all the time. Everyone around a Legum really appreciates them because at the end of the day they're chill guys who are down to do anything.
"Damn that boy is really cute, should we talk to him?"
"Yes! He must be a Legum..."
by Soph9999 December 29, 2021
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A type of animal with a second brain
Inside of its nipple
I heard hedgehogs are legumes
by HedgehogExpert April 28, 2016
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It describes lentils and similar stuff. The moooost important thing is that you pronounce it correctly. It is pronounced "le-JOOM-ay" while "le-JOOM-ee" can also be accepted.
Nerd: Bruh whatchu eatin?
Original Gangster: Yo I got me some legumes.

Nerd: Ya mean? Le-gum-ays?

Original Gangster: No bruh. Legumes.
by hammocks4ever May 7, 2018
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1)a type of bean.
2) or when on has one leg shorter then the other
1) Those legums really made me fart tonight!

2) That pirate is a legum and limps around with only one leg.
by the one legged definer October 4, 2010
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An oily person (meaning oily hands and har) who obtains this excess oil from eating large amounts of peanuts on a daily basis. Things that were touched by this person will typically have a greasy/oily peanut residue left on them.
The legume lova touched my paper and left a large greasy stain on it.
by Lion-Helmsley February 4, 2014
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