Leeching (verb) comes from the subject leech. A leecher is a person who are a part of something, but dosent do shit.
He was just leeching the whole school lesson today, he didnt do sht.
by HoneyDoMePlz January 15, 2013
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A person who "leeches", or clings, to one person at a time throughout the day.
"Anna is such a leech!"
by Direct_at&t_ spectrum May 22, 2016
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To benefit off of others without giving anything back in repayment
I don't have wifi in my house but it's ok, I leech off of the neighbors.

Man. Jessica is such a leech. She only comes over to use my wifi and eat my snacks.
by Prodigy20 December 29, 2016
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Originally meaning to be able to download without uploading. FPT sites many years ago would often have ratios where people would get a certain amount of downloadable bytes for every byte they uploaded. Sites that did not have ratios were said to be "leech" sites because you could download all you wanted without having to upload. Now a days most FTP sites are "leech" anyway. The term now more refers to any individual who is often into the piracy scene and does nothing but download files for cracked versions of software, movies, music and so on. They do not share what they have downloaded and don't provide help to others looking for certain files.
"Don't leech the entire folder asshole! That is like 200 gigs worth of shit. Let somebody else get on the server for once!"
by IceWarm October 10, 2004
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A. a person who purposely lacks effort in picking up slack for important things such as 1)paying rent, 2)buying food, 3) leaves things left unfinished in places such as the workplace or home, 4) refusing to get a job to live off of their what parents/guardians make and buy.

B. a person playing an online game who a) joins a team, group, or guild and goes AFK for undeterminded amounts of time to gain money or experience without putting any effort forth, b) leaves his/her workload for others to pick up, and/or c) begs and asks for free things and hand outs from other high level players.
OMFG, that guy needs to stop leeching and be an adult about things some things!!!

...yeah...shes gonna get fired soon, she leeches company pay but goes home early all the time with nothing finished.

Dont team with Newbie117, he joins and leeches through the whole quest/mission...

Im tired of people in the first zone man, they all just sit there asking for free money and stuff. damn leeches...
by MFX June 3, 2006
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Someone who limits, or completely turns off, their upstream in internet peer-to-peer file sharing because they have no interest in actually sharing.
Leecher-X says he doesn't upload in Bit Torrent because it makes web browsing impossible, even on broadband. We both know it's really because he is a selfish bastard though.
by Hic May 4, 2005
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1. Any of various chiefly moronic filesucking, bandwiidth hogging, and carnivorous 'users' of the class assholenea takeallus, of which one species (homo forumis) is generally found to suck in forums too.

2. One that preys on or clings to another; a parasite, fileleech.

3. One on who existance depends on the good deeds of others, but never themselves.

4. One who does not support the community.
slx laughs as he leeches off P2P. 'What fools they are!', he thinks to himself, 'P2P my ass, P2ME I say! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!'
by Ðiego December 9, 2002
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