A person who targets a group of people and stops at nothing to hang out with them. They usually target one of the nicest group members first, then make their way to the best looking one in the group, therefore allowing them to slowly become a part of the group, even though they are disliked.
Man that Codie girl made you drive for 45 minutes to a San Diego resort. She's a definately a leech.
by John Quesando August 10, 2009
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A girl/guy that sucks on their partners genitals similar to a Leech.
"Did you hear Lily was leeching on Corey AND Jordan?"
"I bet her mouth hurts."
by SuperSpicyBitch December 7, 2011
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Any person who has no personality of himself, so as a result, he/she/it will suck every piece of personality that you have, he/she/it will become another you, but will probably be much more ugly.
The biggest leech known to man, Zach St. John of Toledo Ohio. HE IS VERY VERY VERY UGLY.
by Jordan, Gram August 26, 2006
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To steal another site's bandwidth, usually by showing a picture directly instead of linking to the site. Leechers can normally expect their file to be swapped for something horrifying.
Poster #1: YEEEEEEARRRGH!!!! That picture I posted changed into the Harlequin Fetus!

Poster #2: That'll teach you not to leech, fag.
by Freddy November 16, 2003
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a person who downloads excessively from the internet, regardless of the content, they need to keep their connection fully utilised 24/7...
OMFG, he leeched like 500 gigs last month!
Comindico sucks cause there are so many fuckin' leechers!
by mr a March 11, 2004
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Term used to describe a woman who is pushing 40 and still lives at home with her parents and sucks the life out of them.
That loser Teresa is a middle aged leech who still lives with her parents.
by Freethewhale July 19, 2010
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