Wise words said by a man bathed in green, called Stinky toes.

At this point no one knows what it means but hopefully the truth will be revealed.
"leat fingies"
by Pigonp00p October 9, 2020
A word that was used when Penguinz0 played on a public Among Us server that no one has no clue what it means. Thought there’d already be a definition on here.
Dark Green: “Leat fingies
Charlie: “What does leat fingies mean?”
by AstroCreep2000 October 9, 2020
Teacher: Hey charlie, why were you up so late last night?
Charlie: sorry professor, I was doing leat fingies
by StinkyMeaner October 12, 2020
Known from penguinz0's video named, "Public Lobbies Dropped My IQ By 200".

In context, leat fingies means:

Easily beat someone (with skill) in a game of strategy, or just combat in general.
"I'm about to drop some leat fingies on these people."
by me me me me me me me me me OK September 17, 2021
Historians and linguists alike speculate the syntax could possibly be derived from the english “I eat,” and “fingies.”
You gonna warm those up?
leat fingies cold
by spicylips October 15, 2020
leat fingies was a word used by moist cr1tical in among us

because someone by the name of stinky toes use the word leat fingies and Charlie laughed and decided to use
it in among us gameplay
bro those are some leat fingies
by meme podcast October 14, 2020
When you put your master skills obtained playing Among Us in private lobbies to use in public lobbies.
I’m bouta put the Leat Fingies on them right now.
by dutch29 October 9, 2020