Le is actually so cute. She's not even tall and yeah, she's so cute when she's angry. Treat her better boys. She's the queen.
Boy 1 - I wanna cute and amzing girl that understand me.

Boy 2 - Then you need a Le.
by a Le haha June 07, 2020
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A person with a huge McDonald’s addiction that they will even get on their knees and ask anyone to marry them if they have McDonalds
Will you marry me?”
“No! You’re a le!”
by tiktokaddict28 April 15, 2020
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A guy or girl who wanted to do that tiktok trend where u take out the first and last letter of ur name who most likely isnt funny or your here because Le also means the in french
1st example : Hey girls look at this tiktok i saw where his or her or their name without a and x is the literal f-ing meaning for the in french 2nd example : hey dude wanna hear this new french word i learned? its Le which means the in french
by timetoruinagirlstiktok June 04, 2021
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a word to make you sound french while saying english words, taken from the Loony Toons character Pepe Lepew portion of the cartoon, generally spoken by the female cat, which then spun wildly out of control when people heard but didnt understand the quote
examples: le pant, le mew
by Willy Wompus July 14, 2020
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A french word but more commonly known as popular twitch personality egg egg
Le eggegg
via giphy
by LinusFromStardewValley April 12, 2020
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A term for anyone that Is not part of the homosexual or homophobic communities. To be a Le is to be someone that is laid back and not gay or anti gay. Plural is lei
Jonny: “Le”

As they passed in the hallway
by Greentesties June 17, 2019
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