Lower East Side -

The Lower East Side of Manhattan.
This goes out to my man Eric in the LES
by Nick Porcaro August 18, 2004
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you feel like life will end soon
will i les soon?
by Landonisanidiot December 16, 2021
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The funny man or the one who needs constant attention
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
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Joseph Galaska who's in the KKK
dude that damn les is in the KKK
by Tim Jeske December 11, 2004
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To induce both liquor and smoke a blunt (often called an L)at the same time.
Tom: "Yo Jerry we gon' le-le tonite dog?"
Jerry: "Yea my nig we def gon' le-le with these bottles and blunts."
BOTH: "Thats wat it is!!!"
by Fr!zzy November 27, 2007
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